Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021

Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021
Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021

Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021

Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021

If you are a beginner and search for an extension for developing your website in the right ways a bigger and search for an extension, so don’t worry about here your solution and you should add this extension free of cost that provides you google and you can easily add your these extensions free. this extension can help you for development in website making, blogging, graphic designing,c; ear cache, daily div, and color pick easily.

so it makes your work easy and you can continue your work with the help of these extensions. some important features of extensions like these.

  • Extensions make your work easy and you can easily customize your website and many other developing works and also your work fast and time-saving with the help of function.
  • You can add website function and easily handle your site and it almost controls your website.
  • You don’t need to install any application and software if you have any extensions.

Now we will examine some important and useful extensions that use everyone and know about. if you don’t install so within a single click install and develop your website eas.


                                          Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021

Colorzilla is one of the best developer tools for you and with the help of this you can easily pick a color and adjust easily, so its a full customizer website tool, and you get easily pick as your desire color for your website so its amazing and very use full extension almost every developer use it. It has many features as you can see.

  • You can easily color dropper and color pick.
  • you can get the color as your desire for your page easily.
  • you can get the ultimate CSS gradient.
  • easily get keyword shortcut.
  • you can pick a color at any pixcel.

Download link is belowColorZilla.

Clear Cache

Clear cache is also one of the good google free enextensions for development you can easily clear your cache and cookies with a single click so try its best extension for you. you can easily customize your data like download, history, cookies, form data, password, other histories easily so it’s for your actual solution because when you need you can easily download and clear you as you need. some other feature as you can see.

  • you can easily handle plugin data 
  • MySQL data
  • files system access.

download with single click Clear Cache
Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021

JSON Viewer

JSON Viewer is also one of the good for development because when you need it you can only single click download it’s for your eyes highlight that you can see easily code. you can easily and with beautiful customize as your desire.

  • You can highlight your file and manually enable it on the incognito page.
  • You can customize the theme easily.
  • option show line number.
  • option to show customize your tab.
  • option to allow the edition of loaded JSON.

there are also many many functions and features in this so its amazing one of them.

You can easily and free download as link JSON Viewer. 

Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021


Usersnap also one of the good websites, you can easily snap and capture anything in your short costing, collect your feedback d, a trick of bugs report of any website and prototype and application easily, and get your real purpose for your site.

Ther are also a main and greater feature of Usersnap.

  • Use can easily screenshot in your browser and recover as you want.
  • no need for any coding install in your browser and you can easily get all features with this Usersnap.
  • you can easily comment and label, attachments.
  • easily you can error judgment in javascript and easily recover it.
  • many feature also there as you can easily time, location, other.

If you want to download you can download link is USERSNAP.Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021

Web Develpoment

Web development is also one of the good extensions for developers because when you want anything in your browser and you easily adjust resize images and another tool that helps to make n your website and development.

so try its a good and best future you can easily add tools bar , form, resize image and also image resize with easily using by these tools. there are also many features of it.

  • you can disable anything easily.
  • also, cookies delete and clear easily.
  • CSS option is also there.
  • form option is also available.
  • you can get easily information about web development.
  • the outline is also one of the big features of it.

Download Link Web Develpoment.Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021


Wappalyzer you can easily manage your web development page. so it’s very important for every developer because create easily and build your page easily so when your work makes easily. many features also here you can see.

  • Its portfolio technology and you can easily build your website and so one-time use and find a good result for your self.
  • you can get amazing like e-commerce, javascript and many more firm this extension so ideas and smile you can use.
  • It has many categories like a programming language, analytics, and marking tools, CRM, CDS.

If you want to dwonalod link is this WAPPALYZER.Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021

Advantage of Extensions

Many Advantages of extensions as you can see that when anyone develops a website they want to his work should b complete in early and quickly so for better work and the quick complete project you should use the extension. so here you can see the advantage of the extension.

  • Your developing work quick and easy and you can handle your work easily and quickly.
  • When you start your project then something you don’t know how we can make our project complete as soon then we use an extension for that work.
  • When you try for a more good-looking website then also you can use an extension like color Zilla to make your color better as your desire.

Best Of 6 Extensions For Develop 2021

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