Educator jobs And preparation material 2022

Educator jobs and preparation material 2022

The name of Allah in this Article I will tell you about how how to preparation educator jobs educator jobs 2022 and I will provide you all materials that need for this job so 1st of all we will discuss Criteria of educator jobs because educator jobs Come every year so that some people confuse how we make preparation of mission of educator jobs so 1st of all we will discuss that how to preparation from your books and your material and after that we will discuss about some material for your preparation so some education jobs.

Criteria of educator jobs 2022

If we see the previous criteria of Educator jobs from 2017 That is a different from By NTS . The next criteria of educator jobs Come in Mianwali and Muree district.

No next We will see welcome educator jobs through PPSS Or NTS

Best guideline educator jobs And test

There are many options to appear educator jobs educator jobs so I will discuss about some tips and guideline for Educator.

If you don’t know about ESE SESE And SSE What’s stand for it’s all so I will tell about.

ESE Is stand for elementary school Educator

SSE Is stand for scannery school Educator

SESE Is stand for senior elementary school Educator.

These all scale are basic scale pay recruitment policy It’s all BPS 14 BPS 15 and BPS 16.

Science knowledge You should know about science knowledge books 5th class book 6 class book and 7 class book 8 class book 9 class book 10 class book. All knowledge about these science questions.

Urdu knowledge We should also know about Urdu class 5 to 10. Read Urdu books 3 to 10 all of the poetry.

History knowledge You should know about history of Pakistan and Stop continent and also all history of all of the world. So Study 1 to 10 class.

Islamic studies You should know about Islamic studies of Islam also study of book 1 to 10 Class.

Basic knowledge of mathematics You for no about basic knowledge of mathematics and also all 4 mullers of mathematics mathematics clause 1 to 10 for the preparation of educator SESE S ESE SSE.

Knowledge of computers Also you should know about basic knowledge of computer and about all keyboard mouse and other first and 2nd generation and 3rd generation of computer and also related to all question of computer science.

General knowledge and update knowledge of Pakistan You should know about Pakistan knowledge and update and affairs of Pakistan so you should touch with Pakistan television and other channels of newspaper and also Current affair knowledge.

Extra recommended books of educator

I will recommend some books that is very helpful for you and after that end ofter reading these all books you’ll be able to pass educator exams PPSS NTS and other exams.

Capsule book PPSC

World General knowledge and Pakistan

Who is who

Educated jobs lines

A list of Vacancies in detail

There are many type of teachers in punjab educators so 1st we will discuss about 1 by 1.

Urdu Teacher

Physics teacher

Biology Teacher

Mathematics teacher

Islamic studies teacher

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