Future Tense in Spanish Best Way

Future Tense in Spanish Best Way

In this article I will tell you about future tense in Spanish so I will discuss briefly because Spanish is good language. As you know that in English we Can change future tents by will I will ill but in Spanish we use different Rule so follow this rule.

Future Tense in Spanish Best Way .

We make change in the END Verb so as you know that “Hablo” Mean That I speak But “hablare” Mean I will speak.

There are 3 way of Spanish view of expression future tense.

1. Future imperfect and future Spanish

2. Ir+a+infinitive

3.Future Perfect

Future Tense in Spanish Best Way.

Simple future in Spanish

Some changes you can make if you want to future simple Spanish verb change at the end of”e” “a” “as”

habler beber Vivire

Yo hablare bebere vivire

Future Tense in Spanish Best Way

Some list of irregular verb of simple future tense

Simple features tense in a irregular words always same ending but root Changing Yes you can see that under below irregular verb.

Infinitive verb Changing root Ending

Haber=Habr haber=habr +a

In which condition we use Spanish future tense

Make prediction about future

We always use Spanish future tense when the condition in the future And also action of future tense and also prediction of futures so always when the condition in future will use in future we use Spanish future tense so learn Future Tense in Spanish Best Way.

Hypotheses About future

When we think about speculation are other things about future Hypotheses about future Then we use simple future Tense Spanish But Spanish language is very different language to other language Future Tense in Spanish Best Way.

No we will take some example of these

Segura ques nos veremos Pronto

I’m sure we will meet soon

To express condition Simple future in Spanish

If you want to show present or future condition in spacondition in Spanish so don’t worry because in English and Spanish both conditions use as Same So always try Future Tense in Spanish Best Way.

When you can use Simple future Spanish VS ira +Infinitive

We are told that you can use simple future in Spanish terms as below conditions but it’s not meant that you can use it on the both way.

What is Some examples of Spanish future tense?

hare mis teras manana

How many types of Simple Future Spanish tense?

There are 3 different types of Spanish future tense.

Why we use Spanish simple future tense?

Spanish future tense is very simple and clear tense so that we use.

How many Spanish tense There?

There are 14, 7 compound and 7 simple.

Some Spanish links that is very helpful for you in your future time

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