M.A Classical Poetry Part-1 Vip Q

M.A Classical Poetry Part-1 VIP Q

Part -1 syllabus consist of a different chapter 

1.Canterbury tales written by Geoffery Chaucer.

>some important question in these chapters.

  • Chaucer attitude toward the contemporary church.
  • Chaucer art of characterization.
  • analysis of major characters.
  • Chaucer attitude towards women.
  • Chaucer realism.

in this chapter VIP question that will help you.if you revise only five questions sure you will pass your exam with excellence marks so follow these important question below.

2.Paradise lost written by John Milton born December 1608 in London.

  • The theme of paradise lost. in paradise lost john Milton plans to”justify the ways of God TO MEN”
  • Satan character, the difference between true and false.
  • Paradise lost as an epic, Milton epic view in paradise lost.
  • who is the hero of paradise lost, various element uses.
  • Milton grand style., various element uses.
  • Milton uses Homeric similes in paradise lost.
  • Milton belongs to devil party.
  • the puritan and classical element of Milton poetry.
  • the description in hell in paradise lost.
  • comparison between adam and eve.
  • human interest in paradise lost.

3.The rape of the lock by alexander pope 168-1744.

The main character list in this,

  1. Miss Arabella former, lord Petre, Mr caryll, Belinda, sylph, river tames, baron, the cave of spleen, Clarissa.
  2. The rape of the lock as a social document, deeply rooted in own time, the concern of his history, fashionable London life from the rape of the lock, pictures of 18 century reflected society. points out like mirror of its age, structure and content, the concern of the aristocratic women of that age, gentlemen and fashionable women, describe young men of that age, realistic picture, shallow politics and irresponsible judge of that age, the pope is the best spokesman and representative poet of his age,
  3. Rape of the lock as mock-epic. remember the main points of mock-epic, mock-heroic in the rape of the lock, epic, mock-epic, view about mock-epic, the technique of diminution, bombastic and grand style, use of Homeric, similes, and supernatural agencies, and dangerous journey used in this mock-epic,
  4. The rape of the lock is social satire. main points of social satire should b remember. pope laugh at in the rape of the lock, pope satire on upper-class age of 18th century, every satirist is at heart an idealist, satire on the daily life of London, satire is a form of sympathy, pope age was an age of satire , a satire on artificiality, frivolity, presentation, showwiness and vanity ,pope is the master of satire.

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