M.A Urdu Books and Best help 2021

M.A Urdu Books and Best help 2021

In this article, I will tell you about how you can pass and good marks in m.a Urdu From UOs and Punjab University so it’s very helpful for you. there are many universities are in Pakistan that doing ma Urdu if you want to ma Urdu in 2 years or in one year UOs and PU is one of the good university for your books and Notes are also available at a very easy and simple price, so three are many universities now start Bs Program its 4-year consist.

SO here Syllabus of M.A URDU and the division of numbers you can easily approach.

M.A Urdu Books and Best help 2021.

Part 1 Books

  1. Urdu Shayari classical period
  2. Afsanvi Nassar and Drama
  3. Assaleeb e Nassar urdu
  4. Tareekh zaban o Urdu
  5. Arabic Farsi Language

Part 2 Books

  1. Urdu Adab in Twenty century
  2. Tanqeed
  3. Iqbal ka Khasoosi

Some Optional SUBJECTS


5.Haali o Akbar ka Khasoosi Mtala

6.Aalmi classic

7.Meero Ghalib Ka Khasoosi Matala

8.Janoobi Aisa ki Muslim Tahzeeb aur Fikar ka Matal

9.Asoolo Tahqeeqo Tadveen

10.Thqeeqi Muqaala

There are 5 books in Part 1 and 5 in 2nd year so you can easily approch.

2 is optional subject.

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