Top 1 seo rank math

Top 1 seo math rank

Top 1 seo math rank there are many seo plugins but Top 1 seo math rank is the best and forever seo plugin that used to optimizing website and yo reach from bottom to top by using this plugin its very simple to use and easy way you can get your real purpose so if you are beginner and search for seo you are on right way here you can get easily target of you so follow step by step so that Top 1 seo rank math is very good at every level.

Top 1 seo math rank

WordPress site

Install Two Plugin

We will install two plugin for Top 1 seo rank math 

1. Yoast Seo

2. Seo Math Rank

Top 1 seo rank math

Best seo rank math

Top 1 seo rank math install after installing some setting that is necessary for using it so ..

Top 1 seo math rank

Dashboard of seo rank math

After installing you make some changing and setting that is very important for it and simply come to dashboard you will see like this pic.

Top 1 seo math rank

Setup wizard

Set wizard then you should setup some steps totally five steps in this area you set one thing is that first if your hosting is compatible then show yes if not then also show no first you choose level advance after that click icon on wizard then get next option so that Top 1 seo rank math is very up level. 

Top 1 seo math rank

2nd option is your site data

In this option you have to provided some data about your website like your business and your logo also your tittle pic  so after upload your pic then click on save and continue.

Top 1 seo math rank

Search console

After that you should verified your site by google search console google will your right information about your site then authorized for seo rank math for optimizing your site so first verification of your site is different method that will helpful for you so after applying google will permission for seo rank math. so

Top 1 seo math rank

After getting code then paste it here

Top 1 seo math rank


In this option after verification you have done some setting thats very necessary so select some option include select all and yes all option then save and go next

 Include Images ,Public Post Types, Public Taxonomiess.

Top 1 seo rank math


in optimization option you have done some changing some option you have to followed so after click yes then your seo is ready for..

Top 1 seo rank math

After completing this setting come on the post that you have to created so after Select new post for seo.

Seo new post

Now select new post for seo so after come on new post using by elementor you will select seo option for completing your seo

Top 1 seo rank math

Seo dashboard

After that when you come on dashboard you will see like this so first we will adjust tittle that should b with power word after adjustment adjust description that should b clear and also with focus keywords so one by one we will adjust it.

Top 1 seo rank math

Now one by one detail

Besic seo in your content

First we have to adjust focus keywords because it very important that you are choosing focus keyword should b unique and also contain power word.

→Focus keyword should be in meta description.

→Focus keyword should be in url because when anyone search they will reach on your post so.

→when you start your blog or article always use in begin in your content.

→included some focus keywords in your content because its really good for your blog.

→Your words that contain at least 600 its good strength of your words so always take care of your words that you are you are using.

Additional content

Some additional content that is veru necessary for your seo ranking so include some additional content for these are…

→When you create subheading then include your focus keyword in it because its almost good for your seo ranking.

→When you include image in your website then include focus keyword in your image.

→Combination of words and keywords should b at least two time in your content.

→Some internal and also external links should  also include in your content because its very important for seo.

Tittle Readability

→Focus keyword that should b present in the begging of tittle.

→Tittle that you have selected show her negative or positive statement so its important for seo ranking.

→Tittle that you have selcted always contain at least one power word.

→Tittle contain one number 

Content Readability

→Content that your are using contain short paragraph because it good for seo ranking .

→You should use table content in you article or blog because that show clarity of content.

→Your content should contain images and one video its also for good ranking.

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