UOS PU M.A English Important Notes 2021

Joseph Andrews as Picaresque Novel Uos Important 2021
Joseph Andrews as Picaresque Novel Uos Important 2021

Best Tips and UOS PU M.A English Important Notes 2021

If you are a student of ma English and want to notes for preparation of ma English and feel difficulty, then you reach on an exact pint and you can easily make notes and get books for you so here you can get everything material and get free of cost fe sabilillah.

Uos Ma English syllabus

New paper Design and Syllabus for the Course of MA English. M.A English is a 2 years program with ten topics. Five mandatory topics are provided in the first Five and part in 2nd part using four mandatory and one elective subject. university of Sargodha examinations bases on In Every year Anual and Mid examination.

You Download MA English Syllabus given also download MA English Syllabus and you can prepare this syllabus for receiving great marks in the Exam.

UOS PU M.A English Important Notes 2021

Part 1 Important Question Uos PU


1.Geoffrey Chaucer 
1.Geoffrey Chaucer is the Father of English Novel, 1340-1400
2.Chaucer Prologue To Canterbury Tales Is Story
3.The Prologue of the Canterbury Tales 
4.Chaucer As A Modern Poet 
5.Main Points that Discuss Art Of Characterization

2.John Done


1.Donne As A Love Poet And Metaphysical Poet

2.Donne Use Of Wit And conceits

3.Context Of John Donne and In Poems

4.Donne Attitude towards Women

5.John Donne With Past Papers

6. THE SUN RISING Is Poem Pf John Done.



Literary Terms and Movements Brief Solutions

What’s just really a complicated plot?
Neoclassicism is really actually just a mid-century American motion of artwork, architecture, and literature.
Mock-epic can be really actually just a poem by which satire, exaggeration, irony, and sarcasm can be utilized to mock the subject or utilized that the most epic poem style to its trivial theme.
Lyric can be a quick poem by which the poet’s feelings and emotions have been voiced normally with audio ability to sing.
Soliloquy can be a device work within the play at which a character speaks with herself or himself (believing loudly ) by revealing his emotions or ideas into the crowd.
What’s an epic couplet?
A complicated plot-based to Aristotle is consuming ‘peripeteia’ (modification ) and also ‘anagnorisis’ (denouement) with no really is really just an easy scheme.
What’s about personality?
What’s just really a mock-epic?
What’s a Lyric?
What’s just really a soliloquy?
A round personality is intricate and lively. Inside this personality advancement and shift do occur throughout the plan of performance.
What’s Neo-Classicism?
A rhyming couplet published in iambic pentameter plus it’s traditionally utilised in narrative and epic poetry.

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