Youtube Channel Profit Best Way 2021

Youtube Channel Profit Best Way 2021

In This article i will tell you about how you can make money on Youtube ,its very authentic way just some things you have to need for this first you required some things these are below.

  • Sign in your Gmail Account
  • 2nd make Channel and Give its unique name for this.
  • 3rd apply for channel oN youtube.
  • 4th You have reqired for 1000 subscriber and 4000 watch hour.
  • 5th apply for Google Adsense
  • 6th Make a google adsene accont for this.
  • 7th tyoe your real name and adress in google adsense.
  • 8th when you make 10 Dollor Apply for Google PIN that Send on you Postal Adress  with 6 Digit.
  • 9th After recive pin attach your bank account for payment.
  • 10 Hard working is key of succesfulness.

Youtube Channel Profit Best Way 2021

Create Gmail Account

if you want to create a Gmail account simply sign up with your mobile number so it very easy Sign up Gmail Account.

when you open this you have a show interface like this.

your name_________

your adress___________

Choose right name of Gmail accont___________

Your Gender Select____________

Phone number________________

then you will get a confirmation msg on your mobile number. so verified with the right one.

Youtube Channel Profit Best Way 2021

Some Important Strategies For Youtuber Your Easily Approach

1.Earn Money off Recording Video
2Good Way YouTube to Build an article
3.Create and Sell your course
4.Participate in youTube Google Partner Program
5.Become an Affiliate Marketer
6.You can review Products
7.Sponsorships are a Good Way
8.Another Way is Sell Services
9.Use Live Streams To Sell Your Product
10.Selling Subscribers Good Way
11.Make a Superchat

Youtube Channel Profit Best Way 2021
people that think if you have a youtube channel and want to make money they make money easily using these. You have to come to the front of the camera to present yourself with your passion. But one main problem is that what you should on youtube so now youtube has become a business.

Youtube After Monitization Steps.

You can easily Enable Monetization on YouTube But some hardworking is Must. so Follow these Steps after monetization your YOUTUBE channel.

Youtube Channel Profit Best Way 2021

Follow Step 1 >After monetization your Chanel first go-to channel and log in to your channel after that started monetizing log into your account.

Step 2 >Go to your youtube setting and in the setting Tab to enable the button press and select  Enable Monetization.

Step 3>>NEXT thing is that follow the steps and agreement of your policies so it’s good for you in the future.

Step 4> next you will see a box that Dollar Option $ so select and eligible to monetize and also one box show of copyright then show inbox its copyright and so always make a good video and >

Step 5>> After that link your youtube channel to an AdSense account and get free and very easy steps, you can approach and you will receive a pin in your home address and verify it and then any bank account in your area.

Youtube Channel Profit Best Way 2021

After Monitization your videos views

After Monetizing your video views that you have to nee for making money.

it’s a very important question for YouTubers if your revenue will good your income will be increased, the view is very important for your better reviews so when anyone watches the video but not click on add then your revenue would not b grow and your channel will be decrease so. Ad clicks that on your video must BECAUSE you are getting money from advertising so the click is must so that watchful ad or skip add you will get good views and also your view increase so try that make good video and SEO of your video for much viewers.

Youtube Channel Profit Best Way 2021

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