Best Way to Create Android App

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Best Way to Create Android App
>>>Overview Android Development

If you have one laptop or MacBook, then you can learn android development so today I in this article I will teach you from beginning to advance level android development if you are a beginner and your experience is nil android development even you can straightforwardly learn everything, we will develop much application in an android development course.

In this course, we are going to develop food, chat, and multi-app, and service provider app.but exciting thing is that you will make these all app with free of cost.its Best Way to Create Android App.

How You Can Earning from Android Application?

Payment Gateway?

There are three ways to earn; we will also discuss those ways in this course with detail.

Importance of Android Development

Why so Important?

اینڈروئیڈ ڈویلپمنٹ کی اہمیت

Why so important to learn android development and whats will you get benefits I am describing some facts and features.

Android operation system introduced 2008 after introducing nowadays it became the most popular operating system, it started with a simple smartphone. now unlimited devices attached with android operating system, like smart watch and also many devices,Best Way to Create Android App 

Nowadays more than the user of Andriod 2.5 Billion

Continuously increasing users

The almost endless Era of Android

So it’s the right way to learn Android development due to its scope.

Now Question is this?
Do you know any Basic Understanding Of any
Programing Language?

Basic Knowledge About Android Development

Topics Basics Overview

  • Android Studio Installation
  • Basics Of Android
  • API level and Activities
  • All Files and Folders In Android
  • App Design Using XML
  • View and View Group

After Learning Basics

  • Develop and Run App
  • Built APK of Our App
  • Change Launcher Icon OF App

Android Studio installation:

First, go to google and search Android studio OR follow this link.

 Go to   Android studio

Download it.

Best way to create android application

Select Empty Activity

After  selecting you will get like this so select empty activity and click its Best Way to Create Android App.

After clicking next you will see like 

Configure Your Empty Project

Now you will see the new user interface so fill your Configure empty project fill with carefully so select first your application by default select My application,its Best Way to Create Android App.

2nd is your package name; the package name is your app identity because you upload your certificate in play store it’s your identity in play store before uploading your application on play store first go to play-store and search your this package name because if available then google play store accept your request otherwise not.

On third, your location where you want to save your file and save your application in a particular place.

4th select the language which you want—so select java.

5th when you develop any application select API with carefully here you can see many API levels so select as you desire, but you should select API 16 android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)

and we hit customer 90 percent then click finish.

After finishing this process, you will like this screen here. You can see many process buildings like configuring and syncing. After completing this process, you will see on the desktop screen one icon that our application, which we created. When we created any project, two files create one XML file 2nd is the JAVA file.

Examine One By one

Here you can see many options, but we will examine some important that we need to us so here we will use maximum java and resources as you see below.its Best Way to Create Android App.

Main Activity:

In the main activity, all java files and back end work in this class how many classes and activity you have done in this class.


Manifests is an essential folder in android every file is managed here so in the first-come package name it’s icon launcher that in that is in mipmap and your icon will here and also a theme in this folder then activity, and even one intent filter here and intent filter use when we want to show our activity in first of all.

In the intent filter, two are Main and Launcher further things.


In recuses first, come to Drawable in the application we use images and gradient, shape or corner make or make a circle shape as like that work will be in drawable even you want to create edit view, custom etc.

Layout in layout how your application will look, in one app, contain multiple we can make many files in this folder.

Mipmap   In mipmap its folder of android studio contain different images, and the various phone has different themes, By default icons in a circle, can change launcher icon.

Strings when you write any text then first write here, the style here you can style your app.

How to Run Your Application?

How to Run Your Application?

Two Method

1st: Connect your Phone with laptop

2nd: Connect with Emulator from AVD Manager create


how Connect your Phone with laptop?

It’s a very simple and Best Way to Create Android App to connect your android mobile phone with a laptop with using by data cable on your debugging option from your android phone.go to the setting. Then about phone build number, the 7-time press will show option debugging in your setting and then on debugging.

How you can make Emulator in android studio?

Simply and Best Way to Create Android App go to ADV Manager and create an emulator, when you will click on this option you will see like this screen and choice to create a virtual device that will be like your android. So excellent resolution as your desire.

Basic of Application Designing

Now we will examine some basic designing in android studio lets go

Design, Blueprint, Design + Bleue Print

Force Refresh Layout if you are missing some text or file refresh then your missing file will appear here, 

Portrait and landscape in this option you will set our layout,

select Theme, you can use your application theme; after that, pixel set your resolution as you desire.

Zoom in and also zoom out options,

Design Layouts

Now its  Best Way to Create Android App we will design layouts so open XML file from resources, XML logic is too simple and easy, so design layout in the component tree, and add your view in the primary parent. First, you have to know the difference between Views and views group in XML.

View Groups; in constraint layout, we can add a further view as parallel text, and many layouts in we can put in many view group but not a view.

The common thing between view and view group is we can drag and drop the view group, many views that are used in layout tex view, edit view, image view.if you have to know about these attributes, then you learned everything.

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