Tehsildar Paper syllabus Best guide 2021

Tehsildar Paper syllabus Best guide 2021

In this article I will tell you about the best preparation and guide for those students and candidates preparing for tehsildar and naib tehsildar, I will guide you on some important tips for you it’s Tehsildar and Naib Tehsildar Paper syllabus Best guide 2021 so follow and get amazing tips for passing your exams.

When PPSC Announced Posts

ppsc announced every year announced vacancies of tehsildar and naib tehsildar then we apply through ppsc website www.ppsc.com after that you will see the dashboard of ppsc vacancy update then see your post and compare your education.

Detail For Tehsildar paper And Number Division

Witten test exam

The Total mark in the 1st part is 400 and 200 marks and the other 200 marks are on multiple questions about the exam related as you can see that.

Paper 1 english

Essay total mark 50 marks

English composition 50 Marks

contain synonyms, articles,sentences, and other compositions.

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