Skills for digital marketing resume 2021

Skills for digital marketing resume 2021

What? Is best skills for digital marketing today’s

I believe the best skills for digital marketing today are:• motivation — because you have to have it when you want to enter digital world. If you have goals and you want to achieve then you should passionate about that because its Good For your mission . It fuels you to do a better job and never stop learning and make use of what you learned.•

Computer literate/tech-savvy

I say nowadays. Most people are so good at using a software or a device that they make use of what they’ve taught themselves to earn money. For example, you are a graphic designer. You use adobe photoshop, illustrator, canva, and figma to earn money. You know jargons and the functions of tools nowadays. You’re well-versed with everything digital.•

Detail-oriented :

I say it’s important to plan things before executing them so that things will not get messy for you. I say if you wanted to record what you’ve learned and apply them to what you’re doing one day. That will help you to do the job right. As a digital marketer, and someone earning. You have to avoid mistakes that can cause big damage to your career.•

Confidence :

this is our key to our goals and our yearning of something. If you want to become affiliate marketer So you invest time from learning what you should, and utilize it once you’re applying a job, or offering your services from small to big businesses. You are confident that you can do the job right so use your confidence to your journey to become successful.

Perseverance :

I strongly believe that this is a skill since we all have techniques on how to endure hardships, how to be so patient in achieving your goals. But it’s take time and you dnt give up courage dnt stop your courage and focus on what you want in your missionThere are many things but I described only that want to highlight and you need.

Best Platform for Earn

The best platforms to write and earn are:

 It has 1,5 million .users it paid 200 million to freelancers and it is free

2. TRUELANCER.COM It is the best Indian platform and it is free;

3. http://SALES.COM you can post an article for sale. 4.CONSTANT CONTENT: To register you have to create a profile, take a small quiz.After passing it ,your account gets approved

FIVERR: The best for beginners it pays 80% and keeps 20% ( its commission).

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